Like baking a cake, a quality house is made from quality ingredients.

The mark of an award-winning property is how seamlessly the elements work together: architectural flair, dependable construction. Dedicated builders want to work with suppliers who share their passion for quality. From custom sheet metal trim to eye-catching flue caps, from precision welding to artistic sculptures, All Steel Fabrication has the skilled tradespeople to meet Christchurch’s residential sheet metal and fabrication needs.

We know metalwork

It was a moment of ‘How did that happen?’ The design – a stunning, architectural home – had been through countless revisions, then quantity surveyed and quoted. Construction was underway.

We were approached to fabricate the impressive metal chimney cage, per the specifications. Except the specifications, to our experienced eyes, were glaringly over-engineered. The stipulated material was not fit for purpose.

If we had simply followed instructions, the finished metal work would have been so heavy it would have crushed the roof. Instead, we offered the builder several workable solutions to choose from.

In the end, the chimney cage was perfect: lighter, stronger, and cheaper. It now adorns a beautiful home.

When we can make things better, we do.

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