Caring for legacy metal work. Crafting the heritage of tomorrow

The greatest creative challenge is not building something contemporary – it’s repairing and preserving what already exists. Embarking on a heritage restoration is an act of faith. We applaud our fellow Cantabrians who are honouring the past in this way. The skilled forming, cutting, and joining of the metal in a bespoke or large-scale heritage building project is of utmost importance. We ensure your flashings, fittings and formwork suit the historic styling.

Our ancient craft

Metalworking has been a science, an art, and a trade for thousands of years.

All Steel Fabrication proudly continues the tradition and is honoured to have worked on heritage buildings across the region, including the Christ Church Cathedral.

Since our city’s devastating earthquakes we have been called on to advise how best to tackle daunting restoration projects.

We have been trusted to complete fabrication which restores life, beauty, and durability to our city’s heritage buildings.

Of course, we’re also adept at making a new metal structure look like it has been part of the Canterbury landscape for many seasons.

Cooper roofing and downpipes, flue caps, fascia and landscape detailing: all precision cut and formed, and set to last multiple lifetimes.

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